Quality The most important approach of Mehdi Pour Trading in supplying various types of stainless steel to consumers and manufacturers of lines and apparatus related to oil, gas, petrochemical, food and sanitary and pharmaceutical industries, etc. , Minimizes time and investment in these industries.

In this regard, the quality of services and items are briefly as follows:

Metallurgical quality of the products in this collection include:

EN10204 3.1 steel production certificate and product traceability from primary melt
Appropriate grain size according to the standards defined for each alloy
No surface cracks
No internal defects
Compliance of chemicals with desired standards
Compliance of physical and mechanical specifications with standards
The physical quality of the product including:

Weight and dimension matching of goods according to customer's request
Having packaging cutting facilities according to customer's request
Technical advice from metallurgy graduates in selecting materials according to customer request or replacement alloy that meets the manufacturer's intended purpose better than the initial request. For example, consumers can easily choose suitable alloys for corrosive environments at any temperature by referring to this set.