Product Specifications

What is a Steel Corner?
Corner is a cross section used in different structures.

This section is one of the most important building profiles that is used in a single and composite way in buildings.

The corners are used to connect bridges to columns or beams to load shafts and column connections to plates in foundations, as well as to columns and trusses.

Corners are used to attach bridges to columns or beams to load shafts and to connect columns to foundation plates.

It is also used to make columns and trusses. In addition, in some structures, such as elevator structures, crushed corners are used, so-called corners.

If the corner dimensions are 1 to 4 mm, it is used for bridging the columns and ironing boards for the bearings and column fittings for the plates in the foundation.

Alloy steel
Stainless steel alloys feature corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and easy maintenance.

These alloys usually include chromium, nickel and molybdenum.

Stainless steel alloys are mainly used in automotive, aerospace, construction, food industry fittings, dairy industry, steel fittings and steel flanges.

The Steel 302 Series is an example of the 300 group. Its characteristics can be austenitic, non-magnetic.

This steel is very tough and flexible, resistant to heat and is one of the common elements used in chromium, nickel.

In the food industry, the dairy industry and food industry fittings are used as steel pipe.

Stainless Steel 302 also provides all types of gaskets, steel plates, springs, displays and cable forming.

Steel 304 is another type of carbon alloy made of steel 304, steel sheet 304, steel pipe 304.

It is a non-magnetic alloy and is known as a versatile steel and is widely used in all stainless steels.

Steel corner
The main base of steel production is steel ingot produced in press and fabric type. By pressing the sheet with roll forming machine and during the cutting process the sheets are converted into different forms L, V (steel angle).

They are also converted into the production of fusion steel in hot or cold rolling processes.

The steel corners are made of two stainless steel sheets perpendicular to each other, which are much shorter than their length and are manufactured in low thickness.

Types of stainless steel
Also, there are various types of corners, including a single-piece sheet with a length of 3 meters, which is bent in the middle and then sutured into the corner.

Another type of corner that is in the case of a fabric corner which is initially made in the same initial stages of the corner as it should be and is not like the previous stage is a sheet that turns into a corner in the later stages. The tool to fold this sheet is produced from the first in a corner.

How to Determine Steel Corner
When you want to introduce a steel corner or identify a corner you will actually get three parameters or you will hear a statement. The first two parameter values ​​will include the length and width of the wings and the third number of the badge. It will give the thickness of each wing.

In general, the numbers start from zero to twenty. For example, you would have 1 * 2 * 2 so two values ​​would be the values ​​of the length and width of the corner and the third value would be 2 of the corner thickness.

How to Calculate Corner Weight
To calculate the angle you need to multiply the size of the steel wing by its length and the thickness of the angle, then multiply it by 1 and multiply it by 2 to finally obtain the angle. The unit is the width and thickness of the corners in meters and will give you the corners in the end in kilograms.

Stainless steel applications
Stainless steel is used for corrosion and corrosion in open spaces and spaces.